Super Bowl 52 Recap

Welcome to part 2 of my Super Bowl recaps – Super Bowl 52! You know the drill, so let’s get right to all of my favorite Super Bowl 52 memories.

Conference Championship:

The AFC Championship game is always the most nerve-wrecking game of the year. It’s the only thing standing between you and another Super Bowl. I remember losing the AFC Championship our rookie year in the very last seconds of the game – us girls literally sat there for 30 minutes staring at the TV in disbelief, followed by lots of wine drinking and near tears. Fortunately, in January 2018, all of the cards were in our favor – we won the AFC Championship and advanced to the Super Bowl! After celebrating on the field, I stayed up all night long ordering outfits online and getting hair and makeup together for the Super Bowl trip (after all, you only have 2 weeks to plan!). I had never been happier to plan a trip to Minnesota.

DAY 1:


After 2 weeks of anticipation, it was finally time to take off. That meant an early morning wake up call at the stadium, where 100’s of family members anxiously chatted over breakfast while waiting to get on the new Patriots planes. After hours of anticipation, we finally arrived at the airport, ready to get to Minnesota as fast as possible to meet back up with our husbands and start all of the pre-Super Bowl fun!

Welcome Party:

After settling into our hotel rooms, we finally got to meet back up with our husbands for the Welcome Party after a long week apart, walking the red carpet amidst a sea of swarming fans, all eager to welcome our guys to Minnesota. Stepping foot into the party at Nickelodean Universe at the Mall of America immediately reverted us back to our 12-year-old selves – there was cotton candy, airbrushed t-shirts, caricatures, and all the fair food you could ever want. Once we had ridden roller coasters to our hearts’ content, we went back to our hotels to gear up for a busy day ahead.

DAY 2:

Fashion Show:


6 AM the next morning, my alarm rings – it’s time to get ready for the Off the Field Fashion Show! Every Super Bowl, Off the Field coordinates with local fashion boutiques and icons to produce a charity fashion show. All of the proceeds go to women’s organizations in the Super Bowl’s hosting city. My favorite part about the event isn’t getting my hair and make up done or getting to strut it on the runway – it’s the community the event builds between NFL wives. There are wives there from both Super Bowl teams, looking past team colors to identify on another level. There were even wives there whose husbands played in the 70’s and 80’s, allowing us to expand our network and bond with women who had been in our shoes. Not to mention, it provided me a very rare opportunity to wear a matching cheetah two-piece!

Inside Edition:


After the fashion show, it was time for our interview with Inside Edition. The wives of the Super Bowl teams talked everything from our trip to Minnesota, to the events we had planned for the weekend, to staying healthy amidst all of the chaos of Super Bowl weekend.

Patriots Panel:


Once we had wrapped up our interview with Inside Edition, I headed straight to the Patriots’ pop-up station – the Not Done Network. There, me and my best girlfriends chatted with the hosts about our plans for Super Bowl weekend, our roles as NFL wives, and even our game day superstitions.

DAY 3:

Family Photo Day:

After staying up all night in Minneapolis at the Future/Cardi B concert (no photo evidence of that!), we woke up literally 2 hours later for family photos. Family photos are always one of my favorite parts about Super Bowl – we get to scout the Super Bowl stadium for the first time while documenting every step of the way. This photo day was no different, and we got plenty of shots to prove it!

DAY 4:

Super Bowl Prep:

As always, Super Bowl morning consisted of a very early start and hair and makeup, all while watching the Puppy Bowl to calm my nerves. Post-hair and makeup, we spent the morning at Family Chapel followed by breakfast (which I definitely indulged in, learning from my severe mistake the previous Super Bowl!).

Super Bowl:

Though the halftime performance was only sub-par and the results were heart-wrenching, we left the game with our heads held high feeling so, so proud of our guys. While the outcome wasn’t as we wanted it, there was still so much to celebrate, and we made our way through the snow to get on the buses and meet our husbands at the after party.

Super Bowl After Party:

On the bus ride to the after party, we knew that there was nothing that could take all of the pain away from losing our second Super Bowl – yet then there was JLo. Seeing her perform in such an intimate setting was everything – I can confirm that she is just as perfect in person as you think she is. Though A. Rod got quite a few boos when he made a guest appearance (if you’re a true sports fan, you know why), JLo’s performance was the perfect remedy for our broken hearts. After Florida Georgia Line and Gucci Mane took the stage, we called it a night and prepared for the disappointing ride home.

Upon arriving back at the stadium, we were so stunned to still see fans there waiting excitedly for our guys to return. No, we didn’t come home to over a million spectators like Super Bowl 51. But those who were there were the real deal – fans who were there to support our guys at their highest highs and lowest lows. The result wasn’t what we wanted, but the memories made the weekend so worth it.

Thank you guys so much, again, for reminiscing with me! Who knows – maybe you will get to follow along for my recap of Super Bowl 54 šŸ˜‰ Fingers are always crossed!

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