Super Bowl 51 Recap

With only two weeks left until the big game, things are getting pretty sentimental over here at the Grissom household. Thus, the creation of my Super Bowl recaps – a chance for me to reminisce on our favorite Super Bowl memories, while providing an inside look at Super Bowl weekend from a player wife’s perspective. Enjoy, and be sure to stay tuned next week for the Super Bowl 52 recap!

Night of the Conference Championship: After the adrenaline of learning we were going to the Super Bowl eventually wore off (somewhere around 3 AM), reality hit – the next two weeks would be completely void of sleep. Flights needed to be booked, outfits needed to be planned, hair and makeup needed to be scheduled for the whole Super Bowl weekend. With very few rooms or game day tickets available, feelings also had to be hurt as we made rushed decisions regarding which family and friends would and would not be attending. As our husbands spent the next two weeks preparing for (potentially) the biggest game of their lives, the wives went into full chaos mode behind the scenes.

DAY 1:



After all of the meetings and preparation for the weekend, all of the team family and friends gathered together at Gillette Stadium for one last breakfast in Massachusetts before finally flying out together to meet our guys in Houston. I can honestly say I have never seen so many babies and pieces of luggage on one flight – an experience for sure!

Welcome Party:


After landing in Houston, it was finally time to see our guys after spending a week apart while they prepared for the big game. Naturally, we met at the Houston Stockyard for a huge welcome party, complete with bull riding, two-stepping, BBQ, an armadillo pen, and a country bandstand. With so many Texas girls on the team, we felt right at home!

DAY 2:

Barstool Party:

After spending the day shopping at the Houston Galleria, it was finally time to go out with the girls. With so many parties to choose from that weekend, we finally all decided on the Barstool Party. Ja Rule and Ashanti ruled the night, and tickets for the general public started at $1,000 a pop. What Super Bowl weekend lacked in moderation it made up for in fun – don’t tell Geneo, but going out with all of the girls definitely took the cake for the my favorite part of the weekend!

DAY 3:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: We were spending the next morning having breakfast at Tiffany’s only 3 hours of sleep later. Needless to say, hair and makeup were absolutely essential. Tiffany’s really spoiled us, providing champagne, hor d’oeuvres, and even a sweet souvenir while we shopped.

Photo Day:

After our early morning shopping, it was finally time for the much anticipated family photo day. This was our first opportunity to visit the stadium where our husbands would play the game of a lifetime. Once we had plenty of time to oooh and ahhh over the stadium, we took a few snapshots with our guys before heading back to the hotel to get some rest before the big day.


Super Bowl Prep: It was finally the day we had all been anticipating! With so much to be done – from hair and makeup to the team lunch – the day got a very early start. Despite an abundance of mac n’ cheese (my fave) and BBQ at the team lunch, my nerves got the best of me and I couldn’t take a single bite. We loaded onto the buses with no idea of what the next few hours would bring.

Super Bowl: If you’re a true New England fan, you remember how bad the Patriots were down – 28-3! All of the fans around us, including family and friends, did not see how we could possibly come out on top. I hope I never again feel the stress that I felt in the final 3 minutes of the game – I literally had to sit down three times because I kept getting dizzy from all of the excitement (probably combined with my inability to eat the entire day!). Once the clock ticked down to zero, it was official – all of our husbands were Super Bowl champions!!


After rushing onto the field as fast as security would let us, we frantically searched the field for our guys. Once we found them, tears were off standby – there is seriously no other feeling like running to your Super Bowl champ after such a historic win! The Boston Globe feature was passed around, making the perfect photo prop. Red, white and blue confetti rained all around us as reality finally set in – our guys had made the biggest comeback in history, and now it was time to celebrate!

Super Bowl After Party: With the stress of the game slowly starting to fade, we were all beyond ready to celebrate. We headed to the carnival themed after party, serenaded by John Legend as we entered the doors. My nerves were finally gone, and I enjoyed every single bite of the fair food as Pitbull took the stage. Hands down, my favorite part of the night was when the players and wives got on stage with Lil Wayne – there is no way for me to describe the energy we felt that night! At 4 AM, we called it quits just in time to get on our 6 AM team flight back to Boston.


Super Bowl Parade:

After landing back in Boston, we were stunned at how many fans had shown up at the airport and the stadium to welcome back our Super Bowl champs. But that was nothing compared to the 1.5 million fans facing below-freezing temps at the parade the next day. We loaded onto the historic duck boats with no idea of what we were about to experience. As we started the parade route, my breath was taken away – the energy from the crowd, hanging from trees and office buildings just to get a glimpse at the duck boats. The confetti machines all over, mimicking the rain of red, white and blue we experienced on the field after Super Bowl. The best part was getting to see all of our favorite Boston spots – from the Public Library to Newbury Street to Faneuil Hall – in a completely different atmosphere thanks to all of the streamers, snow, and fans crowding the streets. We fell asleep immediately after loading onto the bus to head back to the stadium, completely overwhelmed by the experience of Super Bowl weekend.

Bruins Game:

A week (and much sleep) later, and the Bruins hosted us for a hockey game to remember. The guys went to the locker room before the game, receiving their own personalized Bruins jerseys and meeting their favorite hockey players (with Geneo turning into a total fan boy while meeting Chara!). There was no sign of the post-Super Bowl hype dying down – the fans at the Bruins game had just as much energy as they did at the parade, making for a very memorable night.

White House Visit:

Politics aside, I can only imagine the feeling of having the president give you a personal tour of the White House. I was super disappointed when I found out it was a boys-only trip. While Geneo toured the oval office, met the secret service, and visited all of D.C.’s historical monuments, I sat at home so, so jealous while getting text updates.

Ring Ceremony:

It was the moment we’d been waiting for since the win – the Super Bowl ring ceremony! Several months after the win, we made our way to the celebration of all celebrations. After taking pics with the Lombardi trophies, we headed inside for a very fancy spread – complete with waiters serving Popeye’s biscuits on silver platters (thank goodness). It was finally time for the big reveal – Mr. Kraft gave the combination codes, and all bets were off. Drake’s “Big Rings” synced with another storm of red, white and blue confetti as the boys opened their ring boxes with Christmas morning smiles. Gucci Mane took the stage while we partied with Snoop, ending the chaos of the Super Bowl experience on an absolute high note.

That sums it up – my Super Bowl 51 recap! Thank you guys so much for tuning in, and be sure to check back next week for my recap of Super Bowl 52 🙂

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