My Game Day Ritual

Hello, again! I’ve gotten several questions over the past couple of months regarding my game day routine, and here is my answer! I’m taking you through the day in the life of a real NFL wife (not the things you see on TV). Let’s do it!

8:30 AM: I wake up and the first thing I do is pray – not that the Patriots will win or that my husband will get an interception, but for: 1) A safe game for all of the players and, 2) A good attitude regardless of my husband or the team’s performance. God already knows which team will win and which players will make the big plays – all I can do is pray to accept the outcome, no matter what.

9 AM: I clean the entire house, and I hate cleaning! For wives, game day means your emotions are a jumbled mess of anxiousness, excitedness, and fear until the last second is off the clock. I’m normally too distracted to get homework done or to write a blog post. Though I hate it, cleaning is how I keep myself distracted while staying productive.

10 AM: I completely immerse myself in yoga (normally Heated Flow or Surrender), which I see as the calm before the storm. Games are loud and fans are ruthless. Going to yoga is a way to completely immerse myself in something while getting my quiet time in for the day so that I can stay calm during the stress of the game.

11 AM: I go to the spa, sit in the hot tub or the steam room, and do my devotional. I know I’ve said it a million times, but the game environment is not one for the faint of heart. We always have the fear of an injury, a bad play, or a penalty on the back of our minds. If you’re watching the game on TV, you have the fear of the commentators bad mouthing your husband. If you’re watching the game in the stands, you have the even greater fear that the fan sitting next you will list out a string of “@#%&” followed by an insult when your husband misses that tackle. In my college days, I would snap and confront the people in the stands or the people on Twitter who wanted to critique my husband or his teammates. Now, I focus on myself and God early in the day to lay a foundation that will allow me to handle whatever trial presents itself during game day.

12 PM: My favorite part – getting ready! Game day can truly be a fashion show if you want it to be. In New England, my opportunity to make a fashion statement on game day is pretty limited; Once November hits, it’s ugg boots and puffy coats! However, there are lots of independent designers in the NFL who bling out custom beanies, coats, and scarves, allowing us to bring on the game day fashion all season long.

Game time: There isn’t much that calms those nerves, but sitting next to your fellow NFL sisters always helps! Games always have so many highs and lows – I never leave without a headache. I ALWAYS need a massage afterwards to get out all of my stress-induced knots; My husband and I always laugh about this because he played the whole game, while all I did was sit and watch. But stress aside, there is nothing like seeing your husband do what he loves in the arena he’s always strived to do it in. Most families’ time in the NFL is short – I think the new average is around 3.3 years – making every time the guys step on the field extra special.

Post-game: We’ve got our post-game routine down pat! As the game comes to an end, I go down to the tunnel to congratulate Geneo as he comes off the field (regardless of the outcome of the game). We share dinner with friends and family, reflecting on the big plays and the end result. If Geneo made one of those big plays, I rewatch the highlights over and over again (but not for too long – I always have school the next morning!). I let out a huge sigh of relief because the chaos of game day is finally over – and I’m thankful that I have 7 days to prepare for the next!

Thank you guys so much for following along with My Game Day Ritual. Comment below, and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!

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