SportsaNista Podcast with 101.7 The Bull!

Last Friday, I had the honor of stepping into the iHeart Radio studio to join DJ Jessica for her new podcast, SportsaNista! SportsaNista gives Pats, Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox wives the chance to talk about some of their favorite sports moments and charities. Click the link below to hear me talk about upcoming charity events, why I love New England, and my favorite memories in Boston!

2 thoughts on “SportsaNista Podcast with 101.7 The Bull!

  1. Tanisha Holness says:

    OMG Haley, this interview was really awesome. I knew that you and other Patriots wives/GF’s are involved in a lot of charity and community events but did not know it was this many and I LOVE it. Every single person who thinks wives/gf’s of professional sports athletes just sit around and do nada needs to be informed and stop labeling. Also, Congrats on your upcoming graduation from law school.


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